How to Buy Essential Oils

So you want to get essential oils, huh?
AKA bottles of PLANT MAGIC!
You’re probably on this page on my website because you already KNOW that you want essential oils and you’re ready to get going.
If you are interested in WHY we use essential oils in our lives and believe in the intelligence of plants, you’re always encouraged to DM me or scroll through my social media posts. I love talking about this stuff.
Anyway, here are the deets:
Click this link: Link to your Plant Magic Journey
You might already know what you want! If you don’t, reach out to my on Instagram (@msdeanlovesyou) and we can chat together and become buddies and decide what oils and products would best fit the current physical, emotional, and mental needs of your family.
If you’re getting ready to buy NOW, peruse the site for the oils, supplements, and products that you want. Be sure to add them to a Loyalty Order (this is how you get points back).
At checkout, a few things will happen:
1)  You’ll see that I’m listed as your enroller (Suzanne Dean, 29150615). YAY that’s good!
2)  You will make sure that your PV total is over 100PV (this only matters if you want my perks which are $10 back on your first order of 100PV and a Bestie Box with your second consecutive order of 100PV
3)  Enter the code SHAREYL for an extra discount.
If you want, send me a screenshot to make sure you’re clicking all of the boxes for the freebies and discounts.
When you’re done, let me know! Because not only will I do a happy dance with you (and send a video), but I’ll also make sure you’re plugged into all of our education and wellness groups.
And that’s it, babe!
Can’t wait for this Plant Magic journey together.
Love, Suzy