My Story

My Story
Hey there, precious angels!

Let me share a little secret: my journey into teaching and the world of essential oils didn't happen by accident. I used to say I "accidentally" became a teacher, just as I now claim I "accidentally" began selling the essential oils that transformed my life. But you know what? Nothing in life truly occurs by chance. I firmly believe it's the Universe, God, Spirit—whatever resonates with your soul—gently nudging us back onto our destined path.

Teaching filled my cup for a while, and then life nudged me in a different direction. I embraced motherhood, welcoming my most perfect and delightful son, Hawthorne. Now, my days are beautifully spent with him, thanks to a flexible job that came to me as a divine gift. I create uplifting online content that inspires, nurture safe online spaces (just like I did in the classroom), and share the magical remedies that have transformed my family's life and deepened my spiritual journey.

The best part? I'm not only nurturing my little one but also exploring the passions that have always fascinated me. Now, unburdened from the draining demands of teaching, I'm diving deep into my spirituality (any fellow Woowoo Besties here?), herbalism, manifestation, and diverse ways of living. Are you tuned in to my podcast, Unbranded w/ MsDeanLovesYou? It's a soulful journey into uncharted territories.

I'm beyond thrilled to have you join me on this adventure. Your presence fills my heart with joy. Together, let's explore, learn, and embrace the magic of life. 
Fun Facts
I cannot refuse a perfectly iced cupcake.
I have my nighttime routine down to a science and I crave it daily.
I must always order a crème brulée if on the menu.
SEC football is the only kind of football - Go Gators!
Iced coffee is significantly more fun than hot coffee.
I try my hardest to go to the beach multiple times a week to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Follow me on IG to watch those with me!