Seasonal Sadness Protocol

Hi sweet friends!

Embracing the enchanting beauty of winter, I find myself wrapped in a cozy 52-degree day, basking in the gentle sunlight that stretches until 6:30 PM, and witnessing the palm trees gracefully swaying in the breeze. While my winter may not mirror the traditional snowy scenes, I am drawn to the captivating essence and rituals associated with this season – renewal, rebirth, regeneration, and introspection.  

Winter, however, can be a challenging time for many, evoking profound sadness, especially in regions with limited sunlight and weather-imposed indoor confinement. The holiday season, despite its festive spirit, can stir up poignant emotions tied to childhood memories and the yearning to reunite with those we've lost. It's a perfect storm for mental and emotional challenges.

 A few friends have reached out to me for a protocol on how to deal with seasonal sadness during this time. After some research and conversations with friends who use oils and supplements to support them during this time, I have developed this protocol:

This is the link to all of the items.

Should you feel drawn to seek support this season, explore the items that resonate with you. If you need guidance, let me know!

1) When selecting items, choose "Create Loyalty Order"
3) For an extra gift from me make sure you reach 100PV which is calculated in your cart
4) After clicking "View Cart" enter code SHAREYL for an extra discount 
5) After clicking "Checkout" you will be prompted to make your account.
6) Make sure that Suzanne Dean, 29150615, is listed as your enroller
7) Tell me when it is done so I can do a happy dance with you!

Oh and also ALWAYS seek therapy when needed. I’m OBSESSED with my therapist Queen Regina from Betterhelp. You can seek online, remote, and affordable counseling here

And always remember, dear Bestie, I'm here to lend a comforting hand during the toughest moments.

I love you! My DMs are always open to you.

Love, Suzy




  • I already have a YL account, but love your content!

    June Hitsman
  • I have all these oils but ordered some for a friend who is just starting oils and I think this will be wonderful for him. You are goddess


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