Mermaid Hair Necessities

We all know I never grew out of my Aquamarine phase... that's why I have been braiding seashells into my hair for years. But my hair journey really began in early college when I was sick of my dead ends from perpetually flat ironing my hair. I couldn't stop the flat ironing, but I didn't wan't the dead ends. I wanted long hair, but I didn't want to keep getting hair cuts to cut off the dead ends so that my hair would grow.

It was a sucky cycle.

Anyway, I decided (during the height of the coconut oil craze between 2012-2014) to begin weekly to twice weekly coconut hair masks. Just warm coconut oil massaged into my roots and on my ends, left in overnight or for at least two hours. Scrub scrub scrub with shampoo, repeat. Religiously. Consistency is key. My hair finally grew to my butt. It was shiny. It was bouncy. Dead ends? Not here. I was constantly getting complimented on my hair. People asked if they were extensions! Ahhh... the days.


I did this for years... I still do this! But it has evolved.


And this is what you're here for: my tried and true haircare routine for health, rapid growth, shine, and everything else.


What you will need

QUALITY essential oils that you can trust. Oils from the supermarket will not have all of the chemical constituents needed for hair and overall health

From Young Living:

Lavender essential oil

Rosemary essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil


Thieves dish soap

From Amazon or the local supermarket:

Castor oil

Alcohol-free witch hazel

16oz spray bottle

2 oz dropper bottle


Why each?

Lavender: Lavender essential oil supports hair health and growth by reducing stress, improving blood circulation, and maintaining a clean and balanced scalp environment. Its calming properties ease scalp irritation and inflammation, while regulating sebum production promotes healthy hair.  

Cedarwood: Cedarwood essential oil stimulates hair follicles and enhances circulation, promoting hair growth. It balances sebum production, preventing dryness and dandruff, while its antifungal properties maintain scalp health. By inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, cedarwood oil reduces hair loss related to excessive DHT. It also improves hair texture, leaving it softer and shinier.  

Rosemary: Rosemary essential oil promotes hair growth and health by stimulating scalp circulation, blocking the hormone DHT associated with hair loss, strengthening hair with antioxidants, preventing dandruff, and encouraging growth in cases of androgenetic alopecia. 

Sulfurzyme: This supplement, containing MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), supports hair health by promoting collagen production for strength and elasticity. Its antioxidant properties combat oxidative stress, while anti-inflammatory effects create a conducive environment for hair growth. Sulfurzyme aids detoxification and nutrient absorption, benefiting overall health and hair vitality. Mix ½ teaspoon (but I do one tsp) with Ningxia or water twice daily before or after meals.

Ningxia: A supp of nutrient-rich fruits like goji berries, blueberries, cherries, and pomegranates, combined with essential oils and other natural ingredients. Its nutrient-rich composition contributes to overall health, including the health of hair follicles and the scalp. The antioxidants found in Ningxia, such as vitamin C and flavonoids, help protect cells from damage that can contribute to hair follicle damage and premature hair loss. The vitamins, minerals, and hydration provided by Ningxia support processes involved in hair follicle development, repair, and maintenance. 


Mermaid Hair Growth Spray

In your 16oz spray bottle add 20 drops each Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary oils

1 splash of alcohol-free witch hazel

Fill to top with water

Spray on wet or dry roots (it won't make your hair greasy) twice daily)


Mermaid Hair Growth Serum

In your 2oz dropper bottle add 10 drops each Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary

Fill to the top with castor oil

Apply to scalp once weekly and massage in to stimulate circulation. You can also add to ends or drench your whole head! Leave in for at least 2 hours, but preferably overnight.

First, scrub scrub scrub with Thieves dish soap. This will break up the oil (so you don't spend your day with residual grease) and is a clean option to do so.

Scrub scrub scrub with shampoo as normal

Condition as normal


Hair Growth Mocktail:

2oz Ningxia

1tsp Sulfurzyme

Buzz buzz buzz with a frother

2 drops of orange essential oil or orange juice

Top with seltzer of choice


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