2023 Christmas Gift Guide

 In the realm of gift-giving, I confess, I'm not your typical maven. My love language leans towards the poetic realm of words, weaving affirmations that resonate with the core of who you are. I can uplift you, make you feel like the star of the moment, and remind you of your innate worthiness and skills. But when it comes to gifts? Nope.
I stand in awe of those magical beings who effortlessly decipher the perfect gift. Take Kristi Alexander, for instance; she's got that innate knack. It's as if she captures your fleeting desires from months ago, adds her unique touch, and surprises you with something you didn't know you needed—until now. Then there are those gift-givers who grasp the essence of your personality and interests, presenting you with treasures you wouldn't have picked for yourself but somehow feel tailor-made.
My approach to gift-giving? Well, it's a bit like casting a wide net, gathering an assortment of things that vaguely connect to the recipient or might make their life a tad easier. It's not particularly sentimental—more like a game of chance while I hold my breath and hope that one of them lands.
But here I am, curating a gift guide. Why? Because I've been on the receiving end of some exceptional gifts, stumbled upon gems worth recommending, or splurged on items that turned out to be true treasures. And lucky you, I've gathered them all right here. Consider this a celebration of thoughtful finds, a nudge toward supporting small businesses, and yes, there are some exclusive discount codes coming your way. Let's make this season of giving a blend of thoughtful surprises and discoveries that bring joy.





For Your WooWoo Bestie

1. Three Bird Nest



The ULTIMATE woowoo/spiritual/boho/Stevie Nicks duster. I ALWAYS get complimented on this one and I just feel so mystical when I wear it. Throw it over some flowy cream pants and a graphic tee and you’re got yourself a mystical outfit. It is long, so beware. I’m 5’4 and I do often have to hold it up when I walk. But I love it so much that I don’t mind and I’m too lazy to care about getting it hemmed.

2. Planetary Portraits

Birth Chart Print
I always dreamed of having one of these made for Hawthorne, or even ones for Robby and me, too, to create some wall art. Can I read a birth chart? No. But maybe one day someone will walk in and be able to decipher it for me. Plus it looks cool. And for your friend who CAN read birth charts? What a beautiful gift!

3. MsDeanLovesYou

Woowoo Bestie Tee
Whether you're woowoo-curious, comfortably mid-woowoo, or a full-blown, all-out woowoo babe, this shirt is your cosmic canvas. Embrace your mystical journey and radiate your knowledge and spice as the ultimate woowoo bestie. Share the magic you hold within and let the universe know: the world needs more Woowoo Besties

4. Dreamy Moons
2024 Year of Growth Book
This was gifted to me by Kristi. See? She’s so good at this! This is an exquisite diary designed with a purposeful blend of mindfulness, astrology, gratitude, intention setting, self-reflection, creativity, and personal growth. This thick, substantial book is not just a journal; it's a companion that patiently rests on your bedside table or desk, ready to absorb your thoughts, dreams, and manifestations every day. Think of it as a time capsule capturing the essence of who you are in this very moment—a keepsake that will transport you back to your journey of growth, mindfulness, and self-discovery when you flip through its pages years from now. Embrace the daily ritual of journaling with a touch of magic and a lot of intention, making every entry a step in your year of growth.

5. Wild Alabaster

Black Tourmaline Ring

I’m all about my rings! And Wild Alabaster is one of my trusted online crystal stores. Truly, you can’t go wrong with getting a crystal cluster, crystal jewelry, or other metaphysical item from here. This black tourmaline ring is not only adjustable (so you don’t have to sneak around and measure your bestie’s finger) but this crystal symbolizes energetic protection, absorbing negativity around its wearer.

6. Spirit Almanac
The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide to Ancient Self-Care
I bought this book at a small, quirky, and very “Woowoo” tea house in my hometown years ago at the beginning of my spiritual journey and I have been referencing it ever since. This book isn't your grandma's almanac; it's a treasure trove divided by the four seasons, offering spirit- and soul-enriching rituals that are equal parts science-backed savvy and ancient mystique.
But it's not just about the 'how-to.' Dive into the fascinating history of ritual, tracing these ancient practices through the ages. Reiki healers, psychologists, sound therapists spill their secrets, sharing how they live and breathe this soulful work.

7. Spirit Daughter

Moon and Astrological Seasons Workbooks
Remember when I talked about moon rituals above? These workbooks came along with that part of my journey. These workbooks are like a chat with your celestial BFF, making lunar wisdom accessible, relatable, and oh-so-magical. With insightful prompts, rituals, and astro insights, they're your go-to for aligning with the lunar energy, setting intentions, and navigating life's ebb and flow.

8. Energy Muse

Crystal Starter Kit
A small crystal starter kit, gifted to me by my best friend Colleen in college, is what started off my spiritual journey. Crystals led to meditation, which led to essential oils, which led to moon rituals, which led to shadow work, which led to Ram Dass, and the rest is history.
This starter kit brings you 10 essential stones that cover the full spectrum of intentions. From attracting wealth to inviting love, finding relaxation to ensuring protection, these crystals are your personal spirit squad.
This kit also comes with informational cards for each stone, making it a crystal 101 for beginners and a delightful addition for seasoned crystal enthusiasts.

Moon In Aquarius
Brushed Brass Quartz Earrings
SO MUCH of my “woowoo” jewelry has come from these gals. They combine the celestial with the vintage, astrological with the classic. Most of my jweelry comes from small artisans that I happen to stumble upon at art fairs, but Moon in Aquarius is one shop that I can always link to send to my friends. Honestly, ALL of the items you’ll find here are worth gift-giving. But these earrings? I’ve had my eye on them for months.


For Your Self Care Enthusiast

1. Ouai

Leave In Conditioner

I’ll be honest, Ouau products are some of the ones I plan on keeping in my routine while in the midst of my transition to non-toxic living. The fragrances? I AM OBSESSED.

 This stuff is like a spa day for your locks, minus the fuss. And it actually smells like you just left the hair salon. It's the lazy girl's guide to luscious locks—no need to rinse, just spray and slay. Tames frizz, boosts shine, and leaves your hair smelling like a tropical daydream.

2. Osea

Salts of the Earth Body Scrub


Yeah you can probably tell that Osea has completely replaced pretty much all of the face and body “stuff” I have in my bathroom and daily routine. Packed with mineral-rich salts, this scrub is your go-to for getting that oh-so-smooth skin. The texture is just right – not too harsh, not too gentle – it's the Goldilocks of body scrubs. As you scrub away, the refreshing aroma of citrus and lemongrass transports you to a zen paradise and it’s actually filled with salts from four different places.

3. Lush

Sleepy Body Lotion

Lush stores arrived in my hometown my senior year of high school and swallowed me whole, seriously. I visited weekly with my paycheck from Charming Charlie to buy more deep hair conditioners, more bath bombs, more face masks, more body lotions. There is some magic in that hiring model because those employees take you in like a warm hug and leave you with hundreds of dollars of products that you are now convinced you need daily.

But this one I still LOVE. This stuff is like a cozy hug for your skin, with a scent that whispers, "Time to unwind, friend." It's like bedtime in a bottle, minus the tossing and turning. 


4. Zadro

Towel Warmer

I’ve gotten ALL into my selfcare, nighttime, sleep routine in the past few months… actually since Hawthorne was born (time is flying. Jeeze). Anything I can buy to make me feel a bit more elevated and a bit less bleh, I’m on it.

Now I’ll be honest, I don’t have this towel warmer, but I can tell you it will uplevel your skincare and nighttime routines. I envision a warm towel on my face to open up my pores before a skincare routine or like a warm hug for all of my besties that live in cold places. It's like giving your towels a warm hug before you wrap yourself up. Picture stepping out of the shower into the embrace of a toasty towel – pure luxury. This little wonder is all about turning your bathroom routine into a spa-like experience. Just toss in your towels, hit the switch, and you’re done!


5. Free People

Do It For Yourself (A Guided Journal)

I’ll shout it from the rooftops: JOURNALING IS MY BREAD AND BUTTER WHEN IT COMES TO MENTAL HEALTH! I’ve been living by my journal since I was about 12 years old. I use them to record my day, work through frustrating situations, or go deeply into my subconscious to figure out the root of what’s actually bothering me.

But I understand not everyone is a seasoned journaler. So, let this one be the guide as you dip your toes in! With prompts that feel like a gentle nudge from a friend, this journal is all about celebrating the everyday wins, big or small. It's not your typical journal; it's a guide to self-discovery, self-love, and just doing things for the pure joy of it. 


6. Headspace


I learned about and began practicing meditation in high school within the walls of my senior-year yoga class guided by my very special teacher Miss Stefanie Gross (HI MISS G!). Remember when I got into my spiritual walk my senior year? Yes, meditation came with that. But I found myself lost without a guiding voice (literally) and was so happy to stumble upon Headspace. I have used it for years and have been fascinated by how its library has expanded. Need an SOS meditation for the minutes before a presentation? Done. A meditation course to get you through pregnancy? Easy. Meditations for a fear of flying? Headspace has got you. And that’s not even scratching the surface.

With access to a treasure trove of meditation sessions, sleep sounds, and mindful exercises, it's your ticket to a calmer, happier you. Picture it as your daily dose of "me time". Consider it your personal invitation to a mental spa day, available anytime, anywhere. 


7. Lush

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

 Luxury! I love baths and I love upping my bath game. Bath bombs are old, sure. They’re not so trendy anymore, more of a staple of MOST people’s bath routines. However when it comes to quality, Lush is unmatched. And when it comes to scent, Sex Bomb is in the top 5.

The scent is like a flirty dance between floral and spicy, creating an atmosphere that's both sultry and relaxing. Jasmine is known for its mood-enhancing properties, bringing a touch of euphoria to your bath time. Clary sage, with its herbal warmth, adds a layer of comfort and relaxation. It's basically a self-care hug in fizzy form.


8. Osea

Undaria Algae Body Oil


 I LOVE putting stuff on my body. Give me all of the body care: scrubs, oils, lotions, body butters, etc. I’ve also been in a period of transitioning to cleaner products in my home and for my body. Luckily, Osea’s products give me that AND I can still indulge in the self care that made my body feel so good. 

It's like a nourishing hug for your skin, bottled up in a beachy, eco-chic package. Packed with the goodness of Undaria Algae, this body oil is your secret weapon for achieving that radiant, just-got-back-from-vacation glow. It sinks into your skin like a dream, leaving you feeling soft, hydrated, and ready to conquer the day.


For Your Home

1. Saranoni

Faux Fur Blanket

This blanket is luxury. Period. Anxious girlie? You don’t need a weighted blanket. You need this. It truly feels like a hug, like you’re cuddling with the most well groomed dog (is that weird). Robby falls asleep on the couch with it every night before coming to bed and I blame its comfort.

This isn't your average throw; it's a game-changer in home decor. These Faux Fur Blankets bring that touch of class without sacrificing comfort. Draping one over your couch or armchair isn't just a decor move; it's an invitation to pure comfort.


2. Milk Bar Collective


I put this daisy throw pillow here as a place holder, but honestly I could buy anything for my home from here: shower curtains, bath mats, dish towels, and I would love it all! I’m very particular about my home décor style (AKA I have no idea what I’m doing I just like things and hope they come together), but these pops of color and quirky designs are RIGHT up my alley. I’m not afraid to “mess up” my 1920s/Great Gatsby/Boho/Dark Academia style with a bright “Chill Pill” throw pillow on the couch.

3. Moon Wall Hanging

I just like it okay? I could hang so much shit on my walls but Robby has identified himself as a ”minimalist” and if it was up to him our walls would be sparse except for a few floating shelves and canvases of rolling hills and cows. So we have to compromise. But I can go all out in my little office corner and this moon wall hanging always makes me happy.


4. Glass Cups

I needed to up my coffee game from mason jars to something more ~sophisticated~ and I’m not going back. That is all. 


5. Maldon Sea Salt

Okay hear me out: Everyone needs this salt! You don’t need to buy the bucket (though Robby and I do) but I promise you won’t regret this purchase. When gifting this to someone, whether they’re a culinary connoisseur or not, they might think “What the fuck?!” But the first time they place a pinch of salt on literally ANYTHING they are eating, they will say “Oh yes. This is why.”

This isn't your run-of-the-mill salt; it's more like flavor confetti for your food. Picture delicate, pyramid-shaped flakes that add that perfect crunch and burst of sea-salty goodness to every bite.

We buy one bucket and it lasts us 12-15 months.


6. Jack and Rose


 Nothing will beat the Aria both in efficiency or style, but this one comes close and fits with me semi-narrowed-down home décor style. This diffuser holds 500 ML of water and is silent. 


7. LED Motion Sensor Light

Another weird one, but I promise this will elevate anyone’s bathroom experience. You know when you go to a hotel bathroom and you have a few light options? Usually an overhead light, a light around the mirror, and an under-the-sink light? This is that. I always turn on that under-the-sink light to guide me over night and it’s never to bright and keeps me in the lala land between sleep and awake.

Also, As I’ve been perfecting my evening routine I’ve been limiting the amount of light we have in our home in the evening. As soon as I begin my bath, the overhead lights go off, and this goes on. It’s soft, adds a feeling of luxury, and helps your body ease into sleep.


For Your Wellness Expert

1. Apothekary

Take The Edge Off Tincture

 I’m accidentally-most-of-the-time sober and these lil drops really did take the edge off of my anxiety when I was yearning to grab a glass of wine instead. I can appreciate this because it’s filled with herbs that I would have used in a tea anyway.

This non-alcoholic white wine alternative is your go-to for calming high stress and releasing body tension in a snap. The magic? A blend of nervine herbs featuring passionflower to ease restlessness, stress, and body discomfort. Linden and skullcap join forces to calm the nervous and cardiovascular systems, while oatstraw nourishes a taxed nervous system. Mulberries, lemon peel, white nectarine, and pear fruit add a fruity and refreshing twist to this herbal tonic, creating a stress-relieving elixir without the hangover. 

  1. Shakti Mat

Oh how I would love to have one of these! This babe has been on the outskirts of my radar for about six years but is slowly edging its way to the forefront.

This promises a potent acupressure session to tackle deep tension and stress. 

Here's the scoop:

  • Unlock decompression and deep relaxation
  • Boost circulation to wash away tension
  • Quiet a restless mind
  • Enjoy better sleep
  • Bask in an ongoing sense of wellbeing

Just 20 minutes lying down under your blankets kickstarts the magic.


3.  JSHealth

Hair + Energy


 After listening to an episode with the founder on The Skinny Confidential, I was sold on ALL of JS Health’s Products. I enjoyed the care that they put into sourcing and ethical products.

This magic pill isn't just about hair; it's your secret weapon for luscious locks and boundless energy. Packed with Iodine their Kelp blend and Zinc, it's the inside-out care your hair and body crave.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Hair, Nails, Skin: Iodine keeps your hair thriving, while Zinc brings the thickness and strength. And hey, it's not just for hair – your skin and nails get some love too. 
  • Energy Boost: Iodine keeps your energy levels on point, supporting a healthy metabolism and keeping your thyroid gland in check.


4. Moon Juice


If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s the news: MAGNESIUM IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE! And not just your magnesium in the grocery store aisle, that one probably only has one type of magnesium and it’s probably the one that makes you poop your brains out.

No, add this one to your nighttime routine for a restful sleep.

Packed with three bioavailable forms of Magnesium and boosted with L-Theanine, it's your ticket to relaxation, better sleep, brain health, and regularity. The combo of Magnesium types supports muscle relaxation and cognitive function, while L-Theanine keeps your brain in zen mode. Plus, it's super easy to take - just dissolve the natural magnesium powder in water.


5. Higher Dose

Serotonin Soak

Have you gotten the hint that I love baths and that I love packing them with anything I can to make me more beautiful and healthy?! Here’s another one. 

Higher Dose is like the Queen of biohacking. Crafted with Magnesium Zechstein Flakes, this bath soak is your shortcut to relaxation, mood-boosting, and system recalibration. It's not just a bath; it's a blend of ancient bathing wisdom and top-notch, science-backed ingredients like French Green Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Essential Oils.


6. Osea

Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist


 The Vagus Nerve is, like, your key to happiness and chillness without the Prozac and Klonopin. At least according to my ayurvedic bestie Kristy Gungler.

This isn't just your regular mist; it's where science meets relaxation. Well, it's all about the vagus nerve – your body's relaxation guru. Named after 'wandering,' it's the longest cranial nerve, and when activated, it kicks stress. Spray this serene mist generously on your pillow and linens, take a deep breath, and let the vagus nerve work its magic.


7. Alice

The Duo

I’ve been wanting to dip my toes into the world of mushrooms for a while as a spiritual journey, if you know what I mean. THESE aren’t THOSE, but they do still harness the power of plant magic and mushroom magic.

Formulated for long-term perks and an instant cognitive boost. The secret? Functional mushrooms for lasting benefits that grow over time, paired with the kick of nootropics for instant gratification.  It's the perfect blend of fungi delights for a daily routine that's good for you and just keeps getting better!


Gifts for the Kiddos

1. Lovevery

Play Kit

I LOVE this company. Their toys are based in Montessori and don’t look ridiculous laying around your floor (very chic!). They also won’t made you want to scream with repetitive and nail-scratching songs and noises. What I like most? Each play kit is designed for your kiddo’s specific age and developmental milestones. I feel so secure knowing that whatever Hawthorne is playing with is helping his brain continue to grow and become more and more innovative.

2. Slumberkins

Stuffies and Books

These super cozy soft stuffies are paired with books designed around social-emotional learning. I’ve had my eye on this company since before Hawthorne was born. I actually won a fat gift card before I got pregnant the first time and planned to buy a little something for my little one at the time. When I got pregnant with Hawthorne, I finally felt safe enough to make the purchase and for a long time he would not nap without his Honey Bear.

Founded by an awesome duo – a special education teacher and a family therapist – they’re on a mission to bring emotional learning into every home and school.

We're all about connection, community, and building resilience. They believe that understanding and welcoming feelings is a game-changer, impacting choices and behaviors.


3. Plantoys

3D Puzzle Cube

 More silent toys that don’t look ridiculous laying on the ground and actually keep my child entertained while stimulating brain development?! YES PLEASE! During pregnancy, I was DETERMINED to not have any plastic toys in primary colors. Not necessarily for any crunchy mama reason, just because I didn’t want my home to look like a daycare center. I’ve mostly succeeded, but my efforts have been undermined by my mother who just wants to spoil her only grandsom (understandable) with plastic toys that make noise and move and make his eyes go wide.

 Just 9 L-shaped pieces, but oh boy, it's a brain flexer. Challenge your kiddos to assemble them into a cube – simple yet a brain teaser extraordinaire. Perfect for travel!


4. My Garden Provisions

Herb Garden

We love a kid who knows how to get their hands dirty and maintains their relationship with mama earth… at least I do!

Perfect gift for kiddos, it's not just about growing herbs; it's a mini gardening adventure. Everything's in the mix – herb seeds (Basil, Cilantro, Parsley), soil wafers, eco-friendly pots, markers, a water bottle, and even a tiny shovel. Plus, we throw in a reusable cotton bag for good measure! Let's get those little hands dirty and cook up some herb-tastic recipes included in the kit.


5. Learning Herbs


I want to be a medicine woman and have my own herbal apothecary. So while I’m learning, why not have my babe join in? Does this mean I’m forcing my own dreams onto him…? Hey, at least it’s not pageants. Knowledge of healing herbs actually serves him.

 This game's your guide to 27 awesome healing herbs and tasty plants. But it's not just about plants; it's about teamwork! Rely on each other's plant smarts and a dash of good luck to hit the Huckleberry Patch and safely return to Grandma's.


6. The Child’s Apothecary

Apothecary Kit

We love sensory play! And what a perfect companion to Wildcraft. Okay so many this kid list is starting to have an underlying theme, but what else would you expect from me?!

Just add water to the dropper, and you're on your way to crafting enchanting concoctions. This kit's your ticket to three nature play wonders: Butterfly Pea Elixir, Hibiscus Tonic, and Calendula Serum. Plus, it's your call – follow the recipe cards or freestyle your mixology!

Inside the kit:

- 100ml Golden Apothic Powder

- Citric Acid

- Dried Calendula, Hibiscus, and Butterfly Pea Flowers

- Seeds Packet

- Amber Rock Crystals Pouch

- Wooden spoon and stirrer

- Glass/Wood Dropper

- Beeswax Mushroom (for display)

- Formulary Herbiary Journal

- Collectible Sticker

 Nature-friendly vibes:

Our Golden Apothic Powder is earth-pigment colored, with a touch of biodegradable glitter and gold leaf. It's vanilla-scented for extra charm. All flowers are ethically sourced and organically grown, and our seeds are USA-harvested. Each spoon is hand-carved in the USA, and those cute beeswax mushrooms? Crafted from American honeybees. Let the potion-making fun begin!



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